Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I learned a valuable lesson in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh). Before getting a massage, verify first if you want a masseuse or a masseur. On our second day in Saigon, I and two of my girl friends, were very excited to try their massage parlors and spa - so we hopped at the nearest and most affordable one near our hotel area. It looked decent and nice and since the staff don't really speak English, we were just getting by through "hand talk."

After choosing the massages we wanted, we were led up to the second floor of the building and some women helped us settle into a dimly-lighted room. They asked us to strip and so we did. We were lying down on the beds (face down) and getting ready for our massages when two people entered and started to massage us. I didn't know what to say when I realized that the person massaging me was a guy! I mean, in ordinary circumstances, I would have been delighted to experience that (*uhmmm*) but what happened was just totally unexpected!

It was too late to react. I looked at another friend on the next bed and saw her staring at me too! We started talking in tagalog (so they won't understand) and we were just cracking up. It was hilarious but disconcerting at the same time. So for you women out there, ask first before you get a massage in Vietnam ;) Ohh, and make sure you don't choose the head to toe massage like we did. =(((

Aside from what happened though, SAIGON was a beautiful experience. Here are some interesting pictures:

walk/bike in the park


Notre Dame Cathedral?

high-end mall

tree-lined streets

funny signage

try the cyclo, it's the best way to go around town

familiar name?


In Vietnam, you have to leave your passports at the hotel reception. It was weird but that's the way they do it there. We met a lot of expats (British and French guys, mostly)and Filipinos too. We went to a bar called Acoustic Cafe ( the dorques, Nunu's band played there) and it was FUN, FUN, FUN!!!



Ruy said...

What an experience! Oh man...

Vietnam's beautiful. Mini Paris? The cyclo looks like so much fun (what a friendly looking driver and happy passenger!).

I'd love to try an authentic vietnamese bread sandwich!

Liv said...

Nunu...that photo is just classic!!

nunu said...

Nunu looks like a fatcat